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2015 ANA Quality Conference
February 4 - 6, 2015 in Orlando, FL

Call for Abstracts

The American Nurses Association is pleased to present the 2015 ANA Quality Conference in Orlando, Florida. The theme for the 2015 conference is On the Frontline of Quality: The Future of Health Care. This conference highlights contemporary health care quality issues that impact nursing practice, and addresses organizational performance in improving patient outcomes, reducing error, and enhancing efficiency and cost reduction in delivering patient care. Information regarding the conference, including the conference registration fees, will be available on the ANA website at The web-site will be updated periodically with new information.

Please read all instructions before beginning abstract submission. Deadline for submission of completed abstracts is April 26, 2014.

Conference Goals and Topic Areas

Theme: On the Frontline of Quality: The Future of Health Care
  1. Translate quality improvement opportunities into viable solutions for professional practice
  2. Disseminate quality improvement research to drive evidence-based practice
  3. Synthesize innovative methods to enhance quality in health care delivery
  4. Relate quality improvement to interprofessional, patient-centered practice

Topic areas:
Abstract submissions should relate to one of the conference goals. Topic areas of interest include all areas of quality management or improvement (Examples: interprofessional collaboration to achieve optimal patient outcomes; patient-centered care strategies; improvement of nurse-sensitive indicators; clinician engagement in quality; workplace or work environment quality initiatives; integration of desktop or mobile technologies in the care setting; etc.).
  1. Abstract Submission Instructions

    1. Read all instructions below before beginning abstract submission.
    2. The deadline for submission of abstracts is April 30, 2014. No abstracts will be accepted after this date and incomplete abstracts will be disqualified.
    3. All authors (primary authors and additional authors) listed on an abstract accepted for presentation are REQUIRED to register for the FULL conference by the early bird registration deadline. Only those authors registered to attend the conference by the deadline will be listed in the conference program. Failure to register by the deadline will cancel the presentation from the conference program.
    4. No more than two authors may be listed for a given abstract. One author must be identified as the primary author and will be the point of contact for all communications regarding the abstract. Please ensure that the e-mail address for the primary author is accurate. The primary author is responsible for communication with other authors and for ensuring compliance with copyright law and deadlines.
    5. All fields must be completed for each author listed on the abstract including demographics, biographical information, and disclosure of financial interests related to potential conflict of interest BEFORE the submission deadline. Failure to complete all required information or violation of any submission guideline will disqualify your abstract from consideration.
    6. Abstract submission guidelines:
      1. All abstracts must be submitted online in alignment with the guidelines provided.
      2. Abstracts must not exceed the published character limit (based on track).
      3. Abstracts may be submitted for poster or oral presentation.
      4. Abstracts submitted for oral presentations will be considered for oral or poster presentation, unless otherwise specified by the primary author.
      5. Abstracts may be submitted for one track only: innovative strategies, practice or research.
      6. Abstract scoring and selection is conducted via blind peer review.
      7. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the primary author by June 30, 2014.
      8. Add to your address book in order to ensure you receive communication regarding your abstract submission.
      9. Do not use acronyms.
      10. Review your abstract and edit for spelling and grammar prior to submission.
    7. Steps for submission:
      1. Click link entitled "Begin An Abstract"
      2. Complete online submission form ensuring that each field is completed as instructed.
      3. Biographical data and financial disclosure information must be completed for each author prior to abstract submission or the abstract will be disqualified.
      4. The following may NOT be entered: charts, graphs, tables, bullet points, indentations, references.
      5. Submit abstract.
      6. Edits may be made until April 30, 2014 at which time the submission site will close and no further changes may be made.
    8. Authors of abstracts accepted for presentation at the conference are required to:
      1. Respond with their intent by the designated date in the invitation and register for the FULL conference by the early bird deadline. Failure to respond or register will cancel the presentation from the conference program.
      2. Assume costs associated with registration, travel and accommodations for the conference.
      3. Submit a speaker release form via the Speakers Corner section of the online abstract system by December 15, 2014.
      4. Upload their electronic presentation (oral or poster) and handouts to the online system by December 15, 2014.

  2. Conference Tracks

    Research track abstracts for oral presentation are limited to completed health care quality improvement/management research using a quantitative or qualitative design. Research in progress is acceptable for poster presentations only. Research can be original or replication studies that address one or more of the conference topic areas. Research must incorporate measurement of nursing quality and/or some aspect of nursing quality data. For qualitative studies, researchers must include an explanation of their mechanism for assessing and maintaining research rigor, as well as outlining the research approach (e.g., phenomenology). Abstracts must describe the research purpose, significance, methods, sample, results, conclusions, and implications for practice. Posters may omit results and conclusions, but must include hypotheses.
    Abstract Review Criteria
    • Relevance to conference goal(s)
    • Scientific merit, including appropriateness of research methods
    • Overall contribution to the body of health care quality knowledge
    • Clarity of abstract, including, but not limited to comprehensiveness and readability

    Innovative Strategies track abstracts should focus on non-traditional or “out-of-the-box” quality improvement/management strategies that affect nurses and/or interprofessional team members in any healthcare practice setting. Such strategies must relate to the conference topic areas and directly address quality improvement. The strategies may be oriented to administrative or staff level approaches and should highlight creative methods used to enhance quality in one or all of the following areas:

    • care delivery
    • patient-centered care
    • staff governance
    • patient governance
    Abstracts must include a description of the quality innovation; its organizational history and implementation; nurses’, team members’, and patients’ responses to the innovation; effectiveness of the strategy; and implications for broader implementation into professional practice.
    Abstract Review Criteria
    • Relevance to conference goal(s)
    • Comprehensive description of the creative, unique, or innovative strategy
    • Rigor of evaluation of response to the innovation
    • Clarity of abstract, including, but not limited to comprehensiveness and readability

    Practice track abstracts focus on actions implemented by nurses to facilitate nursing practice improvements based on opportunities identified or in response to regulatory requirements. Such actions evidence nursing staff or management quality improvements and must focus on one or more conference goals. Abstracts must incorporate nursing quality measurements and/or some aspect of nursing quality data. Abstracts must include a description of the issue or problem addressed, the practice changes implemented, an evaluation of the effectiveness, and implications for practice.
    Abstract Review Criteria
    • Relevance to conference goal(s)
    • Rigor of evaluation of nursing practice improvement
    • Evidence of relevance to contemporary or future nursing practice
    • Clarity of abstract, including, but not limited to comprehensiveness and readability

The deadline for all submissions and edits to an abstract is April 26, 2014

For help in submitting an abstract online, email Tech Support.